PPS International was setup by its sole promoter Mr. P K Agarwal in 2003 with the clear objective to introduce world class technology from Europe to Indian Railways and Metro sector.

In the beginning PPS focused to bring few Swiss products into the country but soon after in 2004 realized that even in Belgium, few companies are having excellent technologies, which are worth bringing them to introduce in our country.


Association with Televic NV, Izegem

Televic Group established in 1946 in Izegem, Belgium is an IRIS certified company engaged in design & manufacturing of on-board Passenger Information System (PIS), Entertainment System, Infotainment System, Video Surveillance System/CCTV and Train Control and Safety related mechatronics Systems.

Televic is a multinational company having establishment in Belgium, France, Bulgaria, China, USA, Canada and India. Their PIS system has been equipped in more than 26000 vehicles worldwide.

PPS had their first interaction with Televic in 2004 to introduce their on-board passenger Information System in Indian Railway. Both companies agreed for collaboration and hence PPS International became the Indian Representative of Televic to promote & sell their equipment in India.

PPS then supported Televic to win their first project from India in 2005 from Siemens for the supply of PIS System for 1600 cars for Mumbai Sub-urban trains, which were to be supplied up to 2010. This project was worth close to Euro 6 million.

This was even the first project by Televic with Siemens worldwide and with the excellent product quality and after sales service in India, Televic was able to maintain their account with Siemens for their worldwide projects and became their key supplier.

In 2007, PPS then setup their first 24x7 service canter in Mumbai to ensure timely services to the customer i.e. Central and Western Railways, for which Televic even trained PPS engineers in Belgium and onsite.

With the success of their first project, Televic proposed to setup a manufacturing unit in India under 50:50 JV with PPS and hence a JV was created in 2008 by the name PT Communication Systems Pvt. Ltd., with sole objective to manufacturing PIS system with European technology and to homologate the equipment according to Indian conditions and eventually to bring down the cost as well, i.e. “ Make In India”

This JV was able to localize Televic equipment in India in 2009 itself, and then could win the second project from Bombardier for 864 cars again for Mumbai Sub-urban EMU trains with the deliveries up to March 2016.

This project is now almost at the verge of completion and overall customer is satisfied with the Belgium Technology available at Indian cost.

Presently Televic / PTCS are enjoying the leading position in India.


Association with IGW, Belgium

IGW is an industry leading transmission solutions, designer, manufacturer and service provider. IGW is committed to excellence and innovation with state of the art design and manufacturing facilities sites in Belgium, Czech Republic, Romania, United States, India and China.

IGW transmission solutions for railway applications are designed and manufactured in a robust and innovative manner, with a focus on cost, reliability, low noise emission and minimized maintenance. The housings of gear box are made from high-grade ductile cast iron, resulting in high impact resistance and low sensitivity to temperature.

As Indian Railway is committed to bring High Speed and Semi High Speed trains in India, so there is a need to bring either altogether new Rolling Stock with Semi high speed (upto 200 kmph) from Europe or to modify the existing 3 phase Bombardier design locomotive from present 160 Kmph to  200 Kmph, which is much more cost effective.

PPS International is able to bring IGW in India for this project besides many other gear drives projects for Metro application, hence became their exclusive Indian agent for Rail & Metro sector in 2015.

IGW is also setting up their own manufacturing unit in Pune exclusively for Railways and their first Indian produced gear drive unit is expected to be ready by April 2016.

With the introducing of IGW gears & gear drives in India, we feel that a very good European product will be available in India at a highly competitive prices, which makes this product truly “Make in India”