With Make in India drive, manufacturing sector in India is now preparing to turn over a new leaf and write a glorious history for itself. The campaign is committed to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. Giants like Xiaomi, Huawei, Foxconn and Lenovo have already shown their commitment to the drive by opening their manufacturing unit in India. SmartHead Consulting has been actively contributing toward Make In India drive.

SmartHead consultants, with their finer and in-depth understanding of nuances of doing business in India, have been supporting various organizations across industries such as Oil & Gas, Port & Shipping, Chemicals, Biotechnology, IT & BPM, Textile & Garments, Wellness and many more in setting up the shop and/or enhancing the productivity. SmartHead team combines a mix of qualitative and quantitative approaches to generate insights that tells best way forward in a particular market or in a certain environment. 

At SmartHead Consulting we live and breathe by simplicity. Our proprietary consulting framework of diagnose, engage and deliver help us to device simple, implementable, self sustainable and easy to use solutions. Powered with truly ‘GLOCAL’ knowledge and experience, our team help existing and upcoming companies redefine their end-to-end business processes, improve their organizational culture towards lean and global quality standards, better people management practices, revitalize their finances through cost optimization and working capital management.

We believe in fostering innovation and therefore startups are special for us. SmartHead’s team of experts facilitate effective fund raising by helping identify the right investors, define a financial authorization matrix, set up systems and checks to drive statutory compliance, including documentation support. 

At SmartHead we cover depth and breadth of businesses, providing one step solutions to organization for all their needs and bringing cohesiveness in their effort to maximize operational efficiencies, lowering operating cost, improving quality and unlocking growth potential and empowering transformative change. Our consultants help find right balance between reducing costs and enhancing top line by reinventing processes leveraging the latest in business, operations and technology.